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Q: How does MST-BAR® strength compare to steel?

A:  MST-BAR® has a tensile strength of greater than 1000 MPa(145 ksi), in compare to steel, MST-BAR can take over 2.5x the tensile load of steel before failure. 


Q: How does MST-BAR® modulus of elasticity compare to steel?

A:  MST-BAR® has tensile modulus of greater than 65 GPa(9427 ksi), in compare to steel, GFRP rebar is more flexible. 


Q: How does MST-BAR® strain compare to steel?

A:  MST-BAR® has tensile strain between 1.5% to 2.5%.


Q: What is the resistance  of MST-BAR® to Alkali Environment?

A:  MST-BAR® has tested according to CSA, ASTM & ACI standard for durability criteria, they both retain +90% of ultimate tensile capacity after 2160 hours of direct exposure to an alkali solution with a pH level of 13 at 60 degrees Celsius, in compare to steel, GFRP rebar is much more resistant than the highest grade of stainless steel.


Q: What is the maximum operating temperature of MST-BAR®?

A:  MST-BAR and other GFRP bars that comply and meet with CSA, ASTM and ACI which Glass transition temperature of above 110 degree Celsius can be in direct contact to heat of up to 110 degree Celsius without loosing the strength. MST-BAR at 400 degree Celsius will lose it tensile strength from 1400MPa to about 650 MPa which is still higher than steel rebar at room temperature.


Q: What is the minimum operating temperature of MST-BAR®?

A:  MST-BAR® have tested according to CSA & ACI standard at -40 degrees Celsius, and the effect was zero and in some case increase in performance. 

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