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B&B FRP Manufacturing Inc. (B&B) was incorporated in 2013 to develop a Fiberglass rebar that reinforces concrete and meets CSA S807 Grade III, ACI-440 & MTO specification while being economically viable compared to traditional steel rebar. In 2018, after spending 4 years developing MST BAR, B&B received approval from MTO and completed all the certifications and started commercially manufacturing MST BAR.   

After the MTO developed the first GFRP Rebar specification, Governments around the World followed suit.  Contractors are realizing GFRP Rebar does not corrode, will last longer than the concrete it is reinforcing, and does not need any repairs or maintenance.  The problem with the world’s crumbling infrastructure (corrosion of all types of steel rebar, including stainless steel) has been solved.  Fiberglass rebar will not corrode, is almost 3 times stronger than steel in tensile strength, and has many more benefits over steel rebar.  Fiberglass rebar is manufactured with pultrusion machines, which is a continuous process.   


The early development of MST BAR (B&B’s GFRP rebar registered trade name) and B&B’s Bent Bar, required testing and formulating resins, testing all available glass, and customizing the pultrusion machines used to manufacture MST BAR and developing a process using the same materials to make Bent Bar.  The development has never stopped, it continues on a daily basis and is ongoing.


In 2022, B&B officially changed its name to MST Rebar Inc. and stabilized its position in fulfilling the promise of a better future for concrete reinforcement. We are making out mark by planting the feet on the ground and pushing the sustainability of concrete reinforcement to the next level. 

Today MST Rebar Inc. has over 100 employees and staff members and is sold across the 5 continents. 

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