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Mission Statement

Missin Statement

MST Rebar Inc. (originally named B&B FRP Manufacturing Inc.) is a Canadian-owned company with very humble beginnings. We are where we are today because of the incredible efforts of numerous people. Check out our story and the journey that brought us to become MST Rebar Inc.



MST Rebar has a saying: "DO IT ONCE, DO IT RIGHT." We are committed to providing the concrete sector with a premium product that will change how the world reinforces concrete. Learn how MST Rebar Inc. operates and the values we uphold that allow us to get the job done right!

About Us


We are deeply committed to the future of concrete reinforcement and dedicated to creating a brighter, more sustainable world for generations to come. Our commitment includes:

· Providing both short and long-term savings to private and public owners and developers of infrastructure. 

· Delivering superior reinforcement performance. 

· Enhancing infrastructure safety through advanced technology. 

· Reducing environmental impact of construction by significantly extending the life of infrastructures. 

· Continuously experimenting with innovative and ground-breaking methods in product development. 

· Maintaining an unwavering attitude of excellence. 

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