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Use Altair® S-CONCRETE™, with GFRP-reinforced continuous concrete beam analysis and design support, to accelerate your project workflow. Use S-CONCRETE to instantly view immediate results as you design and detail reinforced concrete beams, columns, walls, and continuous beams according to regional design codes in an easy-to-use environment.


Comprehensive code checks go well beyond the strength of the concrete section; designing for axial, shear, moment loads, torsion, and more. S-CONCRETE generates transparent design results that include everything users need to detail and optimize reinforced concrete, including:

Utilization status

  • Utilization status

  • Governing load cases

  • Detailing checks status

  • Intermediate results

  • Errors and warnings for failed checks with clause reference

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MST-Rebar Inc.'s team of engineers are committed to aiding the customer in finding the right product for the job. If you're working with concrete and need rebar, MST Rebar Inc. will work with you to find the design and products to meet your needs. Our engineering team has the experience, the tools and the dedication needed to provide the customer with solutions that produce quality results. Reach out for aid in the the detailing, preparation, planning and deployment of any project requiring rebar. At MST Rebar Inc. we want you to know, you don't have to do this alone. We got you.

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