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MST Ultra Anchors

MST Ultra Anchors

Stay protected without the extra weight using MST Ultra Anchor solid fiberglass anchor bolts for shoring, mining, tunneling and soil stabilization. By replacing steel with glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP), the MST Ultra Anchor makes handling anchor bolts easier and more productive. Not only are our MST Ultra Anchor rods 75% percent lighter than steel, they are also 3 times stronger. Made with High Modulus (60GPa), the rod is ribbed for maximum pull out strength which is also greater than steel. Fully certified by
ASTM, CSA and ICC safety codes, MST Ultra Anchors are made in Canada and available worldwide.

MST Rebar Inc.’s specially engineered and designed Integral Rib mechanically locks MST-BAR into the concrete. Unlike every other rebar (steel or GFRP), the only way to pull it out of the concrete is to break the concrete itself.

MST Ultra Anchors benefits from high tensile strength, high stiffness, high anchoring force and very high Alkali resistance. 

MST Ultra Anchor offers the best material for shoring and stabilization in extreme environments where corrosive elements are present.
Unlike steel that reacts and degrades when exposed to high alkali pH levels, MST Ultra Anchors remain intact with nearly no
change in tensile strength. Tests show MST Ultra Anchor fiberglass rods maintained 90% residual tensile strength after being
exposed to 12.7 pH levels at 60° Celsius for 120 days. The performance of MST fiberglass bar in these accelerated aging tests
show it is a viable product for permanent application of anchor bolts.


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