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Structural Rebar


MST-BAR is a Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Rebar. It is the only GFRP Rebar that is an Integrally Ribbed Maximum Strength Rebar. MST-BAR is the only GFRP Rebar that bonds to concrete better than steel. Steel Rebar oxidizes in concrete which creates rust cancers. The oxidation process causes the rebar to expand which results in the cover concrete to spall, leading to failure.


MST-BAR is 4x lighter than steel rebar, 3x stronger than steel rebar, does not conduct heat, cold or electricity, substantially reduces workplace injuries, takes half the time to install with half the amount of people, requires no maintenance or repairs and lasts longer than the concrete it is reinforcing. Governments are specifying it and the world is starting to realize, MST-BAR is the solution.

MST Rebar Inc.’s specially engineered and designed Integral Rib mechanically locks MST-BAR into the concrete. Unlike every other rebar (steel or GFRP), the only way to pull it out of the concrete is to break the concrete itself.


There are many benefits to the Integral Rib. Not only are there less cracks with smaller crack widths, you can also avoid 50% of traditional bent bar applications by using straight lengths of MST-BAR. These applications include but are not limited to joining slabs, joining walls to floors, corners, anchoring and less embediment lengths.


MST-BAR Grade III Specifications

Cross Sectional Area.png
Cross Sectional Area.png

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MST-BAR Bent bar

MST Rebar Inc. bent rebar is manufactured with the highest grade of modified Vinyl-ester. Glass fiber bent rebar has above 75% retention of strength at bend portion (CSA S807 requirement is 45%) in comparison to straight portion with extremely low coefficient of variation(<5%), That means the Micro-fibers inside the bend are so well aligned allowing them to carry the load at bend as it is supposed to.   



MST Rebar Inc. bent rebar is free of buckling, voids, easy to handle and prefabricates into the perfect bent shape that you will not be able to distinguish between steel.

MST-BAR® can bend into any shape, 2D(Along X,Y) and 3D(Along X,Y,Z) and Spiral(Round or Square). The minimum bend radius is 2.5 times the diameter of the bar. 

Bent Rebar Standard Available Nominal Bar Size

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