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Flat Work Rebar


MST-BAR Grade I and Grade II are best in class GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) rebar. Engineered for concrete flatwork, MST-BAR non-structural rebar is manufactured with long-lasting Vinyl Ester Resin and corrosion-proof Glass to reinforce your concrete with a superior grade, code approved product..


• Rust-Proof

Eliminates spalling and corrosion cracks.

• 200+ Years Service Life

Engineered to last for generations.

• Quick & Simple Installation

Up to 50% labor savings compared to traditional steel rebar.

• Transportation Savings

75% lighter than traditional steel rebar. Load on your truck’s ladder rack, no Class-A CDL required.

• High Performance in All Climates

Stronger reinforcement in freeze-thaw regions and guaranteed longevity in corrosive coastal regions.

•No Waterproofing

Eliminates need for costly waterproofing agents and epoxy coating necessitated by rust-prone steel rebar.

• Stronger Than Steel

Over 4X stronger than Grade 40 rebar.

• Nonconductive & Nonferrous

Ideal for projects with electromagnetic sensitivity.

• Superior Crack Control

80% less crack initiation compared to traditional steel rebar.

• Chemical Resistant

Impervious to de-icing salts and other chemicals.

Mechanical and Physical Properties

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