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Q: Can we shear cut GFRP rebar?

A:  NO, GFRP rebar is orthotropic and non-ductile material, GFRP can be cut using steel saw, a band saw and or grinder with a diamond blade. 


Q: How to tie GFRP rebar together?

A:  Tie GFRP Rebar with stainless steel or nylon tie wire, you may use heavy-duty zip tie too. If corrosion or electromagnetic field is not a concern you may use uncoated wires too.


Q: Can we bend MST-BAR® in the workshop or on site?

A:  MST-BAR® is manufactured with Vinyl-Ester Thermoset Matrix, you can not bend MST-BAR® after curing cycle, all the bends have to be fabricated in MST Rebar Plants. Minor adjustment of bent is possible since the rebar has some flexibility in to it.

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