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Q: Can we store MST-BAR® under sunlight exposure?

A:  NO, if it is more than 2 months. MST-BAR® is made from thermoset Matrix that can be degraded by UV radiation, due to cost competitiveness, MST-BAR® does not have a UV-inhibiting binders. Always cover the MST-BAR® from direct UV radiation with tarp if it is store outside.


Q: Can we store MST-BAR® under rain and snow?

A:  Absolutely, MST-BAR® can be store under rain and snow with no problem since the material can not be corroded.


Q: What does end of life of MST-BAR looks like?

A:  MST-BAR is made by Glass Fiber that is 100% recyclable and the resin that can be degrade by UV if exposed, however when it is in concrete the material can be crushed with concrete without the need to remove it after +100 years and it can be part of the next recycled concrete which makes the concrete stronger.

Q: Can you cure concrete with sea water?

A: Yes, if MST-BAR is being used the concrete can be cured with sea water because of the non-corrosive nature. This could lead to the preservation of enormous amounts of fresh water.

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