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Q: How does MST-BAR® price compare to steel rebar and stainless steel rebar?

A:  MST-BAR® is much less than the cost of stainless steel. MST-BAR's price is very competitive with black steel rebar but when you consider all the savings due to labor costs, corrosion protection additives, cover concrete and transportation the cost could be lower than steel rebar. 


Q: How does MST-BAR® price compare to Epoxy-Coated Rebar(ECR) and galvanized rebar?

A:  MST-BAR® is generally less expensive than galvanized and epoxy-coated rebar and the total installed cost of GFRP rebar is much lower. 


Q: Do we have to consider the initial cost of rebar?

A:  Absolutely not! When factoring in the life cycle of the structure reinforced with MST-BAR® the cost of rebar at the initial stage could be eliminated in your budget since the cost of repair after 10-20 years due to corrosion could be as much as your rebar would cost at the initial stage.


Q: Why using MST-BAR® reduces the cost of the project? 

A:  Engineers are always factoring all the associated costs of the project, Some of these factors can be eliminated or reduced when considering the use of MST-BAR®.

·    Installation time

·    Transportation 

·    Handling and cutting

·    Surface cover and ability to remove waterproofing membranes and 65mm asphalt

·    DCI, CNI and other corrosion inhibitors

·    Short & long term maintenance charges

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